Who We Are

The Perfect Information Podcast is hewn out the very bedrock of the internet by:

Georgios Panagiotidis Bare chested and drenched in Retsina, Georgios bellows Aegean oaths at mores of his adopted German home. No cube conversion for him! He bestrides the Atlantic brandishing chance and conflict as he rampages through hordes of deterministic Teutons. He wears the heads of their workers as trophies and feeds on their action points. His dream to die on a pair of exploding sixes. (He also does the website.)

Roaming the twitterverse as @PerfectedInfo. Left his mark on reddit with this Ask Me Anything.

T.C. Petty III. Ion Award winning game-designer whose opinions shake the very foundations of perception. When not wielding his skills behind a card table he designs such analogue classics as VivaJava and Xenon Profiteer.

Nick MarinerNick Mariner is a teacher and comedian living in Dallas, TX.  He has been a hobby board-gamer for going on five years now.  Although his tastes began earlier with Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, he now plays mostly Euro strategy games if the group will allow it, and slogs through another bullshit night of Dead of Winter if he just can’t get anyone to play anything that requires attention and planning.  Among other efforts in the boardgaming world, he has once been anointed Geek-of-the-Week on Boardgamegeek and he is lighting up the ‘net on his own blog “I Call Yellow.”  

Tony Boydell –When all around him are losing their heads, Tony Boydell rises from the tumult as an ocean of calm. Hailing from the post-apocalyptic murder island that was once known as the U.K, Tony spends his days fending off the eyeless hordes and his nights constructing the best games to come out of a country that once didn’t consider the consumption of newborns as the “cheeky option” for lunch. Tony has designed many games but is most well known for Snowdonia and Guilds of London, works that deal with a bygone age when people didn’t use testicles as currency. We all wish him the very best.

Incidental music by Roc Nathan and incompetech.com

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E-mail: InfoPerfected@gmail.com

New address:
Georgios Panagiotidis – Posts at lestmyopinions.com and @lestmyopinions


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