Perfect Information Podcast Episode 56 – All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Patreon | @Ben@Georgios

The end of the year is approaching, and what better time to think about the things that are left once we’re gone… our legacy so to speak. What is up with those Legacy games, anyway? Let’s get to the bottom of that. What are they, why do they work and how do they do it well?

With the slightest of delays, we return to our Patreon shoutouts and give our trusting backers a knickname of their own. (42:40)

Last episode we talked about community, this episode we will talk about your thoughts on the topic as we plant our feet in the guild. (47:58)

The Boardgame Professor returns to also speak about community from his usual place of learned wisdom and in a sudden, yet inevitable twist…. acquired con-crud. (1:07:46)

And to round out the episode, we review sand-timed release and pirate-themed evening entertainment: A Tale of Pirates.

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Download here.

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