Perfect Information Podcast Episode 54 – Another live show from Essen

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A few words with Gloomhaven’s supreme deity Isaac Childres.

A behind-the-scene peak from the press room of Spiel 17 (11:20).

Ben stumbles into Michael Fox at Creativity Hub (15:50).

Gamdow Games speaks of their experience with and during Spiel (45:34).

An unexpected, yet still welcome return to the guild (48:52).

Speaking to Cranio Creations about A Tale of Pirates (1:12:58).

Isaac Shalev has flown in to tell Ben what’s what regarding fortresses, kind or otherwise (1:16:27).

Robert & Ilka from Chemnitz give us their take on Spiel (1:23:11).

The Irish are coming (Patrick & Emmet), but are kind enough to spare a few words for us (1:26:29).

Splotter Spellen serendipitously say something suggestively spoilery in speaking Spiel (1:32:35).

An interesting chat with Dice Tower’s Suzanne Sheldon (1:45:00).

Asmodee’s live show in hall 1 leads to some unhappiness at the show (2:03:11).

What’s Your Game’s Mariano Iannelli reminisces about his Spiel experience (2:04:57).

Signing off, back in Berlin (02:11:34).

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