People (and PIPL) get ready – there’s an AMA a-coming

And so it came to pass that on the fifth the day of the tenth month of this year, an AMA was to be held.

For /r/boardgames is a gamer’s Irkalla on the foreign shores of the Reddit.

Lo and behold, out of the digital mist stepped a man who was not like the other man. For he was Georgios. And he declared that for all the questions that were brought to him, an answer shall be given in return.

He promised to dismiss no questions. Be they trivial, important, vexing or plain incomprehensible. All shall be answered. As earnest, honest and proportionate as he himself responded to the world around him.

And in one cryptic yet ominous missive we have been given these instructions:

5 October 2017, 8pm CET
Ask Me Anything


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