Perfect Information Podcast Episode 46 – The One with all the Noise

All the excitement and wild partying you would expect from Berlin. We leave the overtly familiar displays of Perfect Information towers to venture out into the world. But not too far away, as there is a convention to go to and games to test. We talk about Kingdomino, Magic Maze and The Quest for El Dorado. We also have a few words to say about Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne and Memoarrr

25:35 – Things are looking up in the guild. Something like stability is returning to charming little nightclub we call our home away from home. Let’s hear what you had to say about genres.

45:16 – The Board Game Professor takes on Niccolò Machiavelli and “The Prince“. Find out how and why! And most of all… who comes out on top!


01:03:01 – Spiel des Jahres press event. All the excitement and the loud noises that a bunch of designers, publishers, gaming press people and hanger-ons can generate. For you enjoyment. Find out what it’s like to be in the thick of it. (Malcolm Tucker has once again declined to join the celebrations in his familiar and colourful manner.)

We also get a few words with all the nominated designers. Yes, all of them. That’s Shem Phillips, Rainer Knizia, Jacob Fryxelius, Kasper Lapp, Bruno Cathala and Inka & Markus Brand.

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Berlin-Con 2017 & Spiel des Jahres press event

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