Perfect Information Podcast Episode 43 – The Slippery Slope


Not only a relic of a bygone era when being pretty and moving your hips to the beat was enough to get you a publisher-sponsored vacation in Ibiza… it is also something we take. Often. But we all started somewhere. And it is those elusive first steps that are the topic of this installment of the Perfect Information podcast. 

What is it about those games that we look back at as our first steps into the hobby? Are they truly a gateway into being infinitely cooler than the rest of Goosebumps reading club.

We return to the guild to talk about what you think qualifies a game as being “played out”. Everything else is perfectly normal. There is nothing unusual happening. May you rest in a deep and dreamless slumber.

And finally, Ben and I sit down to argue the pros and cons of 13 Days. And you will happy to know that not one of us slips into a bad Bostonian accent in an attempt to beat Kevin Costner at his own game.

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