Perfect Information Podcast Episode 39 – What Matters?

In this week’s episode we are going to talk about things that actually matter to gamers. Firstly size! How big is your gaming collection? How big should it be? What is the right way to determine sizes? 

T.C. Petty III returns to talk about that other thing that matters in board games: fairness. How does it matter? Why? And what should we do about it? (38:21)

At 52:52 we talk about some more things that matter, namely our sponsor:

We then turn our gaze towards the urgent matters of the guild, some unfotunate infections and of course your urgent responses to the question of what keeps people out of the hobby? (53:40)

Our sponsor reminds us not only that games can be bought, but we also give recommendations on what to spend your hard-earned Euros or Kronen on. (01:13:20)

And finally we wonder, what is the matter with Roll Player (01:15:20)? Is it good? Is it bad? Do you really want to know? Do we even know where we stand? What are all these questions doing here? Am I getting paid by word count?

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The difference between too much, too little and just right


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