Perfect Information Podcast Episode 36 – The Phantom Menace

We’ve spared no expense to get some of our biggest and most famous fans onto this podcast simply to remind you to nominate us for the Golden Geek Awards. 

After that bit of shameful self-promotion, we dive into our topic… ominously (or confusingly) named: The Board Game Encyclical. All about the unique cultural traits and dynamics of this hobby, and maybe what to do about them?

The great TC Petty III. once more spews wisdom, hard-earned experience and at least one naughty word in Deep Design (38:56) all about The Hook. Which contrary to common belief is not the porn name of anybody on the show… any longer… but that magic quality of a game that makes it click. Shouldn’t it then be called the Switch? (Although that IS the porn name, one of us currently uses… so… moving on.)

Some words for our sponsor (52:01)

A quick stop at the guild (54:23) allows us to talk about your cures for gaming burnout. Also the long-awaited update on the potent aphrodisiac that is baked potato & beans. 

A few more words for our sponsor (1:13:30)

Comrade Nick introduces you all to Marxism by way of talking about the socio-political commentary buried within Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia. All this is of course done in the name of higher learning as he is The Boardgame Professor. (1:15:35)

And finally we review a successfully concluded Kickstarter: Perdition’s Mouth – Abyssal Rift. A grim, dark and bloody dungeoncrawler that is fully cooperative and comes with more darkness than Charlie Murphy. (1:29:35)

The Curious Case of Boardgame Culture


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