[Speaker’s Corner] Odeious Declarations

Ah, ’tis the month of love and romance and rumpy-pumpy! Splurge out on a box of chocs and some flowers…and then, hopefully, you’ll be able to ‘splurge out’ on the object of your desires! But, no – seriously, you need some better tools (no sniggering at the back!) if you want to attain true companionship and soul-mating mating; and by tools, I mean ‘poetry’ so consider this:
Shall I compare thee to the Family Game?
Thou art more complex and more intricate:
Start play’r doth put thy drafted cards in play,
And Stone it never e’er accumulates:
Sometime two Reed is there for you to take
And often Occupation’s tightly fought
And mighty wars do rage for Sow and/or Bake
With Oven, Well and workshops keenly bought
But thy eternal appeal shall not fade
Nor leave the gaming table ne’er returning
Nor sold on eBay or in Maths Trade
I think I’d rather see my gonads burning!
(N)ein Fest nor Dwarfish caverns ever be
Belov’d as much as ‘Gricola and me.
Have you got any Odes (to a Grecian Euro) of your own to share (that one about ‘the good merchants of Venus‘ doesn’t count BTW)?

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