Perfect Information Podcast Episode 35 – When the Going Gets Tough

February has to start on a somewhat dour note as we tackle the big question of how to keep going, when you feel burned out. 

A few words for our sponsor: (36:50)

This week’s stay at the guild is shaped by the vibrant and exciting discussions happening on our forums. Particularly your replies to our question of conflict in gaming. (38:10)

A few more words for our sponsor: (1:01:00)

And finally, we review When I Dream by Chris Darsaklis. A small, gimmicky-seeming party game that is much more satisfying than it seems at first. Not least of all because you get to wear a naughty blindfold. Though, possibly not for the reasons you might assume (01:03:51)

In unrelated news, we can neither confirm nor deny that the absence of our regular contributors Nick Mariner and TC Petty III. in this episode has to do with their involvement in a top secret counter-counter-counter espionage mission to get two infamous political leaders, code-named “Man Boobies” and “Puppet”, to play Munchkin until they utterly despise each other. 

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