Perfect Information Podcast Episode 34 – When Two Worlds Collide

We are leaping headfirst into the unknown… like that Assassin’s Creed guy Fassbender… and boldly throw out episode 34 of this fancy podcast. This time Ben & I talk about conflict in board games. Inevitable and ubiquitous as it may seem, there is still something about being at cross purposes that is cause for friction and unease. So why not bring it out into the open?

Then T.C. Petty III voices his unique take on dominance in Deep Design, touching on the Prisoner’s Dilemma and how to deal with dominant strategies (35:35).

A short commercial break for our sponsor (47:47).

We then return to the guild (48:44) and it has been quite busy in our absence. Ben asked if professionalism in board games is a good or bad thing, and the replies have been as enlightening as ever. 

Another short commercial break for our sponsor (1:09:07).

The ever eloquent Nick Mariner speaks as The Boardgame Professor and delights, excites and educumirificates for your and all our betterment (1:10:42). And more importantly draws his blinding analytical gaze to Penny Press.

And finally we review Kreo (or Kreus) by Cooi Mini or Not & Sweet Games. A cooperative card game that may run the risk of being overlooked in the oncoming deluge of heavy hitters. Does it deserve a closer look? We know and we aren’t telling! 


Alright… maybe we are telling.

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Opposites detract.

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