Perfect Information Podcast Episode 32 – The very best games of 2016

Gather ’round, PIPL!

It is the very last release of 2016 and we still have a few things to tick off of our “to do”-list. (Sadly, Ryan Gosling still won’t return our calls, so no change on that front.)

Instead we look giddily at the very best games that 2016 had to offer, and then pick the very best of those. Just because lists are a great talking piece at our New Year’s eve party, and arguing about our choices just tells you everything you need to know about us as people. 

We also drop by the guild and talk about what YOU look forward to in 2017.

And we reveal the winners, and grand winner of our What’s Your Game competition. The video of which can be found on our facebook page, and the highlights can be listened to in here.

Finally, if you want to look up our specific best-of-the-year picks, here is a handy list of links:

Ben: Honourable mention, #3, #2, #1
Georgios: Honourable mention, No. 3, No. 2, No. 1
Nick: Honorable mention, 3rd place, 2nd place, 1st place
T.C.: Numero 3, Numero 2, Numero 1

And with that we say goodbye dumpster fire and hello 2017! 

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Deck the halls with… WHAT IS THAT?!

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