Perfect Information Podcast Episode 31 – So this is Christmas…

…and what have we done?

Gather round everybody, the festive season is in full swing and we here at Perfect Information are happy to talk about the ostensibly happiest time of the year.

03:00 – In an attempt to bring together board games and Christmas in as awkward a way as possible, we wonder: how can we make board games embody Christmas values and ideals. Like getting drunk on eggnog and arguing with your racist uncle about everything that went wrong with Cuba.

36:10 – T.C. Petty III swings his stick of knowledge and delivers a stunning lecture on the history of dice in Deep Design.

48:19 – A few words for our sponsor

50:24 – The long-awaited return to the guild sees us reminisce about your formative gaming memories.

01:09:55 – A few more words for our sponsor

01:11:39 – The rightfully lauded and revered Dr. Nick Mariner lays out his wishlist for Christmas.

01:22:12 – This week’s review sees Ben & I tackle the things we’re most capable of handling: Crisis.

01:48:40 – Finally, we unveil the Perfect Information Christmas Buying Guide. A not-to-be-missed help to maneuver the notoriously overwhelming and excessive holiday season like a board gamer should.


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