Perfect Information Podcast Episode 32 – The very best games of 2016

Gather ’round, PIPL!

It is the very last release of 2016 and we still have a few things to tick off of our “to do”-list. (Sadly, Ryan Gosling still won’t return our calls, so no change on that front.)

Instead we look giddily at the very best games that 2016 had to offer, and then pick the very best of those. Just because lists are a great talking piece at our New Year’s eve party, and arguing about our choices just tells you everything you need to know about us as people. 

We also drop by the guild and talk about what YOU look forward to in 2017.

And we reveal the winners, and grand winner of our What’s Your Game competition. The video of which can be found on our facebook page, and the highlights can be listened to in here.

Finally, if you want to look up our specific best-of-the-year picks, here is a handy list of links:

Ben: Honourable mention, #3, #2, #1
Georgios: Honourable mention, No. 3, No. 2, No. 1
Nick: Honorable mention, 3rd place, 2nd place, 1st place
T.C.: Numero 3, Numero 2, Numero 1

And with that we say goodbye dumpster fire and hello 2017! 

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Deck the halls with… WHAT IS THAT?!


Perfect University 101 – Trading in Board Games

Never one to dabble in self-awareness, the end of the etiquette series makes way for a new series in which spurious insights are laid out with the conviction of a man who has not yet realised he is four drinks past his limit.

Today… trading in board games. And how it inevitably fails.

(Hint: there’s a tiny chance it might actually be about something else, though.)

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Perfect Information Podcast Episode 31 – So this is Christmas…

…and what have we done?

Gather round everybody, the festive season is in full swing and we here at Perfect Information are happy to talk about the ostensibly happiest time of the year.

03:00 – In an attempt to bring together board games and Christmas in as awkward a way as possible, we wonder: how can we make board games embody Christmas values and ideals. Like getting drunk on eggnog and arguing with your racist uncle about everything that went wrong with Cuba.

36:10 – T.C. Petty III swings his stick of knowledge and delivers a stunning lecture on the history of dice in Deep Design.

48:19 – A few words for our sponsor

50:24 – The long-awaited return to the guild sees us reminisce about your formative gaming memories.

01:09:55 – A few more words for our sponsor

01:11:39 – The rightfully lauded and revered Dr. Nick Mariner lays out his wishlist for Christmas.

01:22:12 – This week’s review sees Ben & I tackle the things we’re most capable of handling: Crisis.

01:48:40 – Finally, we unveil the Perfect Information Christmas Buying Guide. A not-to-be-missed help to maneuver the notoriously overwhelming and excessive holiday season like a board gamer should.

[Speaker’s Corner] – ’tis well-seasoned

[editor’s note – the following is best viewed on a desktop screen or large enough tablet]

ask me: “Oi,
Tony! What are
doing in my back
garden?!” but, mostly,
they ask how I feel about
my games once they’re finally
published in to the World. You’d
I’d be heartily sick of the sight of the
buggers after all that testing and tweaking, all
that laying-out and graphical jiggery-pokery, the costing
and the anxiety of production; by that point, when they finally
arrive – dumped on the driveway by a lazy-ass trucker who’s late for this
fifth bacon butty of
the morning (“They only asked me to deliver it, mate – not to move it for you”) – the
rain a-pittering and a-pattering on to the naked cartons, one is still very much ‘stoked’
about the whole enterprise. No, it’s the demoing that can ruin them for you; the repetitive this-
is-this and that-is-that and these-go-there and those-don’t. However, I have found – as the years
have gone by – that it’s INEXPERIENCED demoing, not demoing per-say, that is the killjoy. When we first
started our
we, at S.S.G,would sit in on and explain and then participate in FULL games of Coppertwaddle or Bloody Legacy or –gulp- Scandaroon. While such personal attention is, no doubt, delightful for Herr und Damen Punter, it sucks ALL of your energy, enthusiasm and joy. After four days of 90-minute Tara, Seat of Kings sessions I was ready to twat someone with the colourful folding game board, shove the oversize ‘King’ pieces nostrilwards and run up-and-down Hall 4 screaming about “Fucking Cumals!”*; no, indeed, it was a Damascus-like conversion when we realized we could give a group a pocket spiel (goal, main actions and concepts) then leave them with a rule book and a note of where they could find me if needed. Thus, much love can now remain for your woody offspring; your be-chitted progeny; your incarnated Euro-style brain-spunkings. Of course, if you properly plan from the
beginning, you can design-to-publish a game and conspire to NEVER actually play it yourself:
observe every play-test session, perfect a BGG video-record elevator pitch (with
requisite pointing and jazz-hands) and hire a team of freebie-hungry demo
monkeys to deal with the frothing hordes at the shows!

*a cattle-based ancient Irish currency slightly more ‘PC’ than the other, authentically-historical, option of virgins.

Great Designers Series (IV) – Cedrick Chaboussit

Or as they say in French: l’interview.

Once more we return to Ben’s cabin in the woods. This time he is joined by a man who’s more intricately linked with the American West in board games than John Wayne.

Making a big splash – or rather a tightly wound engine that propelled him forward – with Lewis & Clark, he has a few things to say in the inimitable way that only a French accent can. The development history of Lewis & Clark gets unpacked over a steaming glass of virtual Glühwein and you are more than welcome to join.

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