Perfect Information Podcast Episode 30 – Old Men in Trees

Back to the Roots.

In a sudden and unexpected twist of fate we find ourselves in episode 30 of the Perfect Information podcast. But not to worry, after a few meandering words of welcome we dive headfirst into this show’s topic: moments that made us fall in love with this hobby (05:10). The answers may surprise you. (But they probably won’t.)

TC goes with his gut.. or his head… or maybe he hints at going with his gut because he thought it through first… I am not entirely sure what is happening.. anyway: intuition and counter-intuitive design seems to be a corner stone of this week’s Deep Design (38:24), which once again scores highly on the Lakoff-Varoufakis scale for insightfulness.

Our competition is still going strong and is in fact going stronger as we speak. Make sure you get in on this and win some tremendously epic prizes. Courtesy of What’s Your Game?’s warehouse. (51:19)

And to calm our nerves after that bit of monkey business, we return to the guild to have words. With thee. (54:30)

A few words for our sponsor (01:17:15)

Fresh off the high of BGG-Con, Nick Mariner talks all about the games he passionately endorses after playing them. He’s fancy that way. (01:23:15).

Our review this week is about that small little dice game that could: Mondrian The Dice Game. Some of the most colourful fun you can have with dice. (01:35:42)

And then it is time to say farewell in the verbose and disoriented manner in which we usually leave all the listeners who make it to the end. (02:02:20)

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