Perfect Information Podcast Episode 29 – Hey now, hey now…

…don’t dream it’s over.

That sure felt like far longer than just two weeks without an episode..

Anyway, this week we talk about things inexplicably falling out of favour and try to explic them. While this seems to be happening everywhere right now, we try to limit our gaze to games.

Our guild section comes to us from an allegedly alternate future, where things don’t seem to have turned out as rosy and uplifting as our present clearly suggests. Fancy that… we talk about forgivable gaming sins. (37:15)

We also have a competition. Yes, a competition! We’re giving something away for free. Por nada. ??????. ???? .Für nüschte. A highly sought-after game from WYG is on the table. How to get it into your hands? Listen to find out! (51:54)

Nick Mariner comments on current events. (56:56)

We review Flamme Rouge. A racing game from Finnish publisher that you really need to check out. (1:00:45) (And here is the link to the other little jewel we’ve talked about: Honshu.)

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