A Small Slice of Essen Still

We need to talk about Essen.

Spiel is slowly receding from memory, we know. Which is why we bring one last hurrah.. of interviews with some of the illustrious heads (and other body parts) of this very hobby.

Ben interviews 2 Tomatoes, a Spanish game studio with a knack for games with a political undercurrent. But more importantly… TWO TALKING TOMATOES!!! (Also, technically… Lord of the PIGS and Peak Oil)

We also have a nice chat with Polish publisher Board & Dice and their love of beer(-themed games). A topic that is of particular interest to Ben, who usually does not partake of the alcoholic beverage as I understand it.

That interest quickly leads to one of the finest moments of boardgame journalism during the interview with Pini Shekhter. Long-time Perfect Information listener by day, household name of the Israeli gaming scene by night! (As in, I presume that he lives in some kind of household.) A game designer in his own right, he is happy to talk about games. With US! Which is really fortunate, since this is a board game podcast. And we did record this interview in Essen during Spiel.

And finally – though possibly not chronologically – we present an interview with the minds behind one of the most METAL!!1! dungeon crawl experiences on KS in recent memory: Perdition’s Mouth. Learn more about the game that is sure to make your mailman curse you and your family until the end of time.

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