Perfect Information Podcast Episode 27 – The Lords of Spiel

We’re off to see the wizards; the wonderful wizards of Spiel

In this brand-new episode our intrepid heroes Ben & Georgios make their way to a magical, far away place called Essen to join the legendary convent known only as Spiel.

There they seek the council of the bearded illusionist Gil Hova, speak to the passionate Fabien of Matagot (19:08), meet the wise man Francesco Nepitello (36:50) before resting at a nearby guild (54:37).

But before dallying for too long they return to speak to the wily trickster god known as Vlaada Chvatil (1:00:57). They also meet with young dreamwalker Chris Darsaklis (1:09:09) and run into the notorious greenseer Friedeman Friese (1:15:08). As the convent nears its end, they first meet with grand old master Bruno Cathala (1:23:11), before sitting down with the keeper of the Stronghold: Stephen Buonocore (1:30:31).

Stay tuned for part two….


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