Perfect Information Podcast Episode 25 – Poly Ticking

A Year of Living Dangerously

Wine, cheese, people… what do those things have in common? That’s right, they need to mature before we can fully appreciate them. After a year of toiling heedlessly and often inappropriately, we have turned a corner and matured, like a fine slice of Brie.

That does not only mean we have a sponsor that we are happy to shill for in this episode, we also put on our big boy pants and talk about things that we deem to matter. Namely: politics. In boardgames. Or maybe of boardgames. Either way.. let’s talk about the good stuff!

T.C. has once again graced us with his presence and invites us to a new lecture in his “School for Rules Writers Who Can’t Write Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too” series at 00:31:15.

We stroll back into the Guild and speak about overproduction. Yours, specifically. Seriously… what is up with all those replies? It’s like you want to have your opinions heard and mentioned on the show. (00:46:21)

A few words from our sponsor Yolo-Games await you at 01:08:13.

At 01:12:36 the esteemed Nick Mariner accosts your eardrums in full mono as he sets the record straight on Kickstarter – what it is, what it isn’t and how we shouldn’t kid ourselves about it.

Finally, this week’s review is a live broadcast of The Networks (1:26:06) by Gil Hova of Formal Ferret Games. (For certain definitions of live.)

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