Perfect Information Episode 22 – Those Who Can’t…

..and why you should be teaching to win!

It is a brand new Monday, so it’s time for a new episode.

This time Ben & Georgios talk about teaching. Specifically teaching board games. What to avoid and what to keep in mind. Apparently it’s more than just the rules. Who knew?

The incomparable Nick Mariner is in it to win it. And he explains why you should be too. So far no mention of Tiger Blood or “WINNING!” has resurfaced. Let’s keep it that way!

A quick stop at the guild gets us talking about your responses to feelings in board games. Or the lack thereof.

Finally, we review The Big Book of Madness. One of the big releases at last year’s Spiel in Essen, but Iello’s unassuming cooperative game seems to have vanished. Is it a hidden gem or a game that deserves to be forgotten?

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