Perfect Information Episode 21 – Right in the Feels

The One with the Touchy-Feely

As summer is now finally upon us, it is time that this sausage fest of ours indulges in its softer side. Ben & Georgios talk about feelings. Luckily not our own, but those that games elicit (illicitly?) in us.

In a splendiferous return to form and this format, T.C. Petty III. invites us to discover the many-layered history of cards (35:35).

After such an exhaustive and exhausting lesson, what better way to relax and kick back in the freshly relocated and surprisingly suave and stylish new guild (48:08).

We round out this heart-felt (or hardly felt?) episode by taking a closer look at a Japanese design, that just recently found a new English language publisher in Osprey Games. We review The Ravens of Thri Sahashri (01:07:47).

And if you’ve read this far, why not let your eyes wander around our fancy website, and maybe, just maybe notice that freshly installed “Donate” button. I’m not saying you have to click it. I’m just saying it’s there. I’ll just turn around and look over there for a while. If somebody were to push that button, I wouldn’t really know and I wouldn’t ask any questions. It’s just something that happens. It’s none of my business what a discerning listener such as yourself and a button like that do in the privacy of your own screen.

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