Perfect Information Podcast Episode 19 – Stories We Play

Signifying the signifiers

What if I told you that what you enjoy about games is not the game but the story? What if I told you, that today the stories that games tell is this episode’s topic? What if bears did not shit in the woods? Some of these questions may be addressed later.

As loyal listeners of this podcast know we’re rarely critical of games or people, but apparently out there in the magical land of love, peace and harmony called the internet, some meanies say mean things about games. Luckily, T.C. Petty III. is here to tell you how to best deal with what they say, other than asking those meanies to be friends with you. Which is clearly the best approach to take.

In this week’s guild segment, we look at many and more of your suggestions as to what a gaming award should care about, and what a decent alternative to the Spiel des Jahres might look like.

Following that Nick Mariner makes an impassioned plea for conformity, respecting rules and keeping your head down as he explores the question: just how imporant are rules? And why?

Finally, we review dinosaur-hunting game Raptor or possibly Scientist-munching game Raptor. It’s a bit of a two-for-one deal.

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