Perfect Information Podcast Episode 18 – You’re the Best Around!

Rewarding excellence vs. pushing copy

The Spiel-des-Jahres-nominees are on everyone’s mind. Ours as well, at least enough to get Ben & Georgios to talk about that German gaming award that seems to cause deeply-felt ripples in the hobby each year.

In a welcome return, T.C. Petty III. rants about the parallels in analysing literature and analysing games. Which may be bullshit.

We wander into our favourite virtual Inn… the Perfect Information guild and talk about your worst experiences with social deduction games.

In his typically decisive manner, Nick Mariner comments on gender disparity or rather the bru-ha-ha that erupted over a hashtag, and why some of it may in fact be bullshit.

And finally, we review Viceroy. Or rather we review a version of Viceroy, which differs from the actual game of Viceroy, because I utterly fumbled an essential rule of the game. While it does have repercussions for the entire game, it doesn’t fundamentally change our opinion of it. It does, oddly enough, give a little more credence to Ben’s argument about that favourite bugbear of his – multiplayer solitaire – and in hindsight, I’d be willing to agree with him now.

Don’t tell him, though.

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