Perfect Information Episode 17 – Social Engineering

I know that you know that I know that you’re a spy!

Let’s face it: as gamers we are extraordinarily intullig-intally-intellug-… smart.

As such it comes naturally to us, to use our huge brains to cleverly deduce when best to place a meeple next to a cube to score victory points. But recently, there has been a rise in games that flummox and confound our superiour innu-… intoullekt… smartiness.

These games are both social and deductive. Why are they? How are they? And is there a point to it? Ben & Georgios get to the bottom of this.

T.C. Petty III. draws a line in the sand and takes a principled stand on principles and philosophy. On game design. It’s game design. Come back. It really is about game design.

Nick Mariner has risen again to bring us his thoughts on the nature of licensed board games (coincidentally, Georgios wrote about Star Wars: Rebellion recently), or mostly the frothy craziness that seems to swirl around IP property. And what licensing does to gaming.

And for our grande finale, we review Dogs of War and don’t quite see eye to eye on this game. Much to everybody’s surprise.

And if you like to read some of our thoughts on all things gamery.. (or ornery)… we have a long-form piece to accompany last week’s Classic slice on Diplomacy.

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