Perfect Information Podcast Episode 16 – It’s a hard knock life

To have or to hold.

Life is full of choices, decisions if you will. It is filled with questions that we ask ourselves and that we seldom find an answer to. Questions such as:

What does the perfect game collection consist of? – Ben & Georgios know the answer to this one.

Why should I care about binary decision making? – TC Petty III. has a few words to say on the matter.

Where is the guild section? – It’s complicated.

Come to think of it… where’s Nick Mariner? – Enough with the questions! We weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition! These are the show note for crying out loud!

We also review Burgle Bros – and end up digressing oh so slightly on the topic of game distribution. Is the game any good? The answers await you in this very episode.

The only question you have to ask yourself now is… do you feel lucky, punk?

(Note to editor: please make sure we haven’t screwed up our pop culture references this time.)

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