Perfect Information Episode 15 – Family Values

If shooting people in the face is wrong…

In this week’s episode we say goodbye to a sizeable portion of our listenership, as we not only bungle our recording quality, but also dive headfirst into topics only tangentially related to board games. You have been warned.

We start off, wondering aloud whether board games should be family-friendly or not. And while you might suspect what our answer is, you’ll probably be surprised by the way we get there.

T.C. valiantly jumps in to bury immersion, not to praise it… for immersion is an honourable man.

We stop by the guild to skim the suggestions of most under-appreciated games, before sitting down and arguing facetiously about the etiquette rule #8.

Nick Mariner chimes in with his best impression of an Ouroboros by returning to Mariner’s Law in response to a piece written by one of our hosts, which was written in response to a re-post of Mariner’s Law… argh… my nose is bleeding…

Finally, after teasing it in last week’s slice, we get around to proclaiming our views on Bottom of the 9th – spoiler alert: we did NOT hate it.

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