Perfect Information Episode 13 – Getting the band (back) together

The prodigal sons return.

It’s our very first episode after the February bandwidth drought. Not content to blab on about games and game designs, Ben & Georgios tackle the intricacate challenges of forging a stable and regular gaming group out of the morass of people and their spurious opinions about meeples.

T.C. Petty III. once again graces us with his presence and lectures. And lectures. And lectures some more. About minorities or extremists or some such.

Our time at the guild is spent pondering the meaning of art in boardgames to you and me and everyone we know. Or has posted to our guild forums, at least.

We also deal with the fallout of last week’s etiquette section and why you should play towards a game’s end.

The industrious Nick Mariner uses this week’s episode to wine, dine and opine on matters of hermaphroditic victories… by which we mean draws and whether you should have any. Again draws.

And finally Ben & Georgios pick a fight with French dynasty in this week’s review of Five Families (and the associated base game Legacy – The Testament of Duke de Crecy.)

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