Perfect Information Episode 12 – I don’t know much about art

In an unprecedented feat of intellectual laziness the Perfect Information team rests on its laurels by faluting highly and faffing around about art. That is ART! in boardgames. What’s the point? Why should we bother? And is the government wasting your tax money on it?

In this week’s etiquette section Ben & Georgios calmly and rationally discuss the need for lawyers. And should they, in fact all be killed as some dead balding Englishman once wrote?

All that rumbling and bumbling aside, a return to the Inn of the Guild of the Perfect Information Podcast sees us fondly discussing our listener’s opinion on all matters enlightenment.

Esteemed orator Nicholas Marineum spews forth in his affable and barely pugnacious manner about… huh… art as well. What do you know? (And if you would like to know more about the growing rift between us, why not read this dashing and not at all superfluous rejection of Mariner’s Law here!)

And finally, your esteemed moderators set sail for the distant land of Nippon to be as helpful to the growing industry in a foreign land as only a bunch of gamers can be.

Sun Tzu’s The War of Art in Boardgames (apocryphal)

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