A Small Slice of Perfection – Part 9: The Maddox Diaries 3

In this week’s Small Slice, Ben Maddox tackles one of the most fundamental questions about boardgames: why do we inflict eurogames on ourselves? The answer might not surprise you.

The pains of having fun.

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Perfect Information Episode 10 – No good deed goes unpublished

Bigger, bolder… and back again!

They say it couldn’t be done. That our medication would run out. That somebody would intervene on behalf of good sense and taste… but we proved them all wrong. So let us welcome you to a new era in Perfect Information. Yes, it is true… we are entering the double-digit era of podcast production and you were there with us! How fortunate!

We’ve brought the whole band back together. Ben & Georgios have locked themselves into the ivory tower (as they are wont to do) in order to explore just what makes a good publisher? T.C. Petty III. re-joins our illustrious ranks to speak candidly (as in idly chewing candy in-between takes) about the means of production; and mightily verifiable podcaster Nick Mariner puts his foot down on finite gameplay. And finally we wrap our feature-length podcast with a review of Patchwork by Uwe Rosenberg.

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A Small Slice of Perfection – Part 8

Playing a boardgame is like entering an implicit contract as to how we are going to spend the next hour(s) together. But does said contract have a non-compete clause? Georgios argues yes, and that it is in effect more often than not, in today’s etiquette rule #5.

Boardgaming’s non-compete clause

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Perfect Information Episode 9 – The one that came in from the cold

A late start into the new year brings (most of) the Perfect Information gang into your listening devices. Ben & Georgios chat idly about theme vs setting, while Nick Mariner urges you not to believe the hype. We also return to our guild section to talk about your New Year’s resolutions for AM 5776.

This week’s review tackles the “party” game sensation Codenames by a new Czech gamesmith named Vlaada Chvatil. We believe there are great things in the future of this young upstart, if this design of his is anything to go by.

Got room for one more?

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