Perfect Information Episode 8 – Haters gonna hate

Today’s installment of your favourite, clothing-optional boardgame podcast goes back to the roots by focussing on the one thing its hosts share: their hatred for games and gamers. Not only do we sit on top our mighty ivory towers to call out competitive gamers (again), we also give our unvarnished and largely undiplomatic opinion on one of this year’s hottest releases: Time Stories. 

Luckily T.C. Petty III. dares to dip deep into his design experience to talk about publishing contracts, lending some much needed respectability to this here enterprise. While Nick Mariner draws a line (or two) in the sand for games.

And if that hasn’t been alienating enough, there is also an article up on our website. For you audio-proles who like to “read” things.




Please come back. I love you. I’m sorry about that proles thing.


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