A Small Slice of Perfection – Part 5: The Maddox Diaries

The nights are getting darker and the podcast content more introspective… or maybe it’s the other way around. This week Ben Maddox tumbles down memory lane to share his very first and tentative steps into the boardgaming hobby.

Abandon all hope ye who download here…

Perfect Information Episode 6 – Echo chamber

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this episode is cursed. It was cursed during production – with sound quality going haywire and one of our contributors dragged away to places of unspeakable depravity – and even our originally scheduled review had to be postponed. Although luckily we managed to nail down 7 Wonders: Duel in its stead… so not all is lost.

The eloquent and impeccably reliable Dr. Nick Mariner introduces us to his favourite small packages. And your hosts Ben & Georgios wonder whether boardgames are too comfortable with being niche. Although we might have phrased it a little less diplomatically in the show.

Can you hear me now?

Also, why not drop by our guild and let us know how you like our new empty concert hall sound? Or rather, do you think that boardgaming is too exclusionary?

Great Designers Series (I) – Jamey Stegmaier

In a sudden and completely unexpected left-turn, this week’s Small Slice of Perfection has been supplanted by the very first iteration of our Great Designers Series (née “The Firechat Chronicles”). Ben Maddox in his effervescent fanboyishness interviews both the man and the legend behind the wine-themed masterpiece Viticulture (now available in essential edition): Jamey Stegmaier.

Perfect Information – Episode 5: Jargonautics

Salutations auditors. In today’s episode the imperturbable Georgios Panagiotidis and the incandescent Ben Maddox engage in verbal sparring over the use and abuse of jargon in boardgames, before T.C. Petty III. returns to school us on all them fancy words what can make us talk good. Not to be outdone, Nick Mariner chimes in to talk about storytelling in boardgames.

And finally behold the earth-shattering clash of egos over Dice City and its place on boardgaming shelves.

Another fine line by Mark Twain.

A Small Slice of Perfection – Part 4

Cure your weekend-related hangover with some relaxing conversation or monologue on politeness in today’s etiquette rule number two. In which Georgios Panagiotidis espouses his heretical views on how much people should care about the game they play.

Have a bite here.