A Small Slice of Perfection – Part 2

Today, Ben Maddox corners the affable Paul Grogan (the brain, muscle and undergarment behind Gaming Rules!) and makes him answer our questions three or possibly more.

Dive right in over here.


3 thoughts on “A Small Slice of Perfection – Part 2

  1. Hi,

    I hope you don’t mind feedback. I like your show (which I stumbled upon by Paul Grogan). But only the parts where you talk about game related stuff and not games. To put it in other words: Your review of Isle of Skye was terrible. You used around 30 minutes to explain why you like or don’t like a game. I’m not interested in finding that ONE game, and I’m pretty sure that your other listeners are not either. Just highlight what makes the game a good game and then the listeners can make the rest out themselves.

    For me that means: The awesome mechanic how much I bid for my tiles in either the hope that someone picks it up and I make a lot of money or none picks up and I save a lot of money. This is the key point that makes the game so awesome. The nice scoring mechanic that changes a lot over the game and the high variety as there are so many different things that can score that no two games feel alike. The developer put it in a nice way: It is Carcassonne meets Kingdom Builder. And in my eyes that description fits perfectly.

    So think again about your review and leave the rest as it is, as that is perfect.


      1. Don’t worry I subscribed to your RSS feed. 🙂

        Another information for you: Essen derives it’s name from Esse which is the German word for forge. It is in the middle of a big coal area, which makes this name even more understandable.


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