Perfect Information – Episode 4: All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween is upon us and we have taken this opportunity to once and for all prove, that we understand neither comedy nor podcasts. Instead we talk about the terrifying abyss of insanity and some of the ways in which it takes hold of gamers everywhere. TC Petty III. explains how to pitch to a publisher, Dr. Nick argues for ways in which to dislike good games and finally your hosts lock themselves in a cupboard to review the frightening Noches de Sangre.

Just take a bite of this innocuous and totally not poisoned candy.

And after you’ve had that, and started to wonder just where that guild was supposed to be: click here and be enlightened.

A Small Slice of Perfection – Part 3

Do you long for the hustle and bustle of the halls of Spiel 2015? Join us as we double-dip to give you more interviews with GDM Games, Burning Games and Horrible Games…. three guesses what their businesses might be about.

Great Scott!


Perfect Information – Episode 3: Spiel 2015

Did you feel the earth move, too? That’s because Spiel in Essen just happened and the dynamic duo of Ben Maddox & Georgios Panagiotidis went there to indulge in all the ludic pleasures and carnal extravagances that the fair could offer. And we were not alone… we interview Ignacy Trzewiczek, Francesco Nepitello, Konstantinos Kokkinis, Chris Kirkman, Stephen Buonocore, Matthew Dunstan and finally Matt Leacock.

T.C. Petty III. tells us a few essential things about playtesting and Nick Mariner answers the age-old question of what makes a game not bad.

Hold on to your hats (or scarves)… this is the big one!

A Small Slice of Perfection – Part 2

Today, Ben Maddox corners the affable Paul Grogan (the brain, muscle and undergarment behind Gaming Rules!) and makes him answer our questions three or possibly more.

Dive right in over here.