Perfect Information – Episode 2: Essen calling

Spiel 2015 looms large on the horizon and neither Ben Maddox nor Georgios Panagiotidis can withstand its siren song. T.C. Petty III explains if, how and why YOU should design for Kickstarter. Our second etiquette section delves into optimal play and how to sell it. Nick Mariner returns and speaks about fun and/in games. And finally, Ben & Georgios invade Isle of Skye and talk about its flaws and merits.

Find the download right here.

A Small Slice of Perfection – Part I

To tide you over until next week’s release Georgios Panagiotidis will pontificate on politeness as he lays out the first rule of gaming etiquette. Sipping on a latte and nibbling on a croissant during this small section is entirely optional.

Give it a listen here.


Perfect Information – Episode 1: On Theme

In this very first episode of Perfect Information, Ben Maddox and Georgios Panagiotidis speak candidly about the nature of theme in boardgames. T.C. Petty III. gives us his take on prototypes and how to approach them in Deep Design and Nick Mariner lays down Mariner’s Law.

We also review Tinker Tailor. A cardgame that is about neither zombies, Cthulhu or spies.

Feel free to download it here.

This is where it all went wrong…

Welcome to the inaugural post of this blog which will, some day soon, be the face of the Perfect Information Podcast.

We’re working feverishly behind the scenes to provide you with the most semi-professional recordings of 2-4 opinionated gamers and their views, thoughts and experiences in the glamorous world of boardgames.

And cardgames.

And role-playing games, I guess?

And general nerdity.